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As Canada’s First and Only 24-hour broadcast DJ event for the past 7 years we are pleased to offer such a unique and innovative experience for attending audiences, DJ culture enthusiasts and of course a crop of Canada’s premiere DJ’s.

In 2017, we were excited to have some of Canada’s premier and internationally known DJs taking part in the competition, such as turntablists Skratch Bastid (Redbull Turntablist Champion), and for the first time, we included internationally recognized performance DJs: DJ Puffy (2016 RedBull ThreeStyle Champion) and DJ Big Rob (Western New York’s club and radio favourite). Cultural leader Dr. Jay de Soca Prince (having worked with the likes of Billboard chart topping artists Major Lazer, Machel Montano), and 10 year old DJ prodigy, Dexterous One, and many more.

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Want to advertise your business, and special event or build more awareness for your brand? This is the perfect way to engage with listeners across the GTA and beyond. Our Sales Consultants can partner you with a high-profile DJ, your favourite team, or provide swag bag and sponsorship options (custom or pre-packaged) to have your brand front and centre during the highest rated mixed show programming on radio. If you want to engage with the thousands of captivated listeners during the ‘Hottest 24 Hours in Radio’, our Sales Team can help! Contact advertising@VIBE105TO.com or call us at 416-736-5293 for more details.
New to advertising on radio? Our 24Days to 24DJs is perfect for you! Contact us to find out how.
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