24 DJS Reaches Record Numbers

(Toronto) The 2018 edition of 24Hours 24DJs will feature some of the world’s most sought-after DJs in friendly competition.   As Canada’s first and only 24-hour broadcast DJ event for the past 8 years, 24Hours 24DJs is pleased to offer such a unique and innovative experience for audiences, while using this opportunity to provide a platform for some of the world’s most sought-after DJs, and showcase .

In 2017, listeners and viewers were excited to have some of Canada’s premier and internationally known DJs taking part in the competition, such as turntablists Skratch Bastid (Redbull Turntablist Champion), DJ Puffy (2016 RedBull ThreeStyle Champion) and DJ Big Rob (Western New York’s club and radio favourite). The 2017 roster also included cultural leader Dr. Jay de Soca Prince, and 10 year old DJ prodigy, Brandon Duke The DJ, (formerly known as Dexterous One), and many more.

Last year, 24Hours 24DJs became a worldwide event: the majority of the competition’s audience on social media and live stream tuned in from Canada and US. However, there was also engagement from as far away as Sweden, Philippines and United Kingdom. The power and reach of social media was undeniable, as a whopping 9.5 million people saw all the involved 24DJS hashtags on Twitter during the two-day broadcast period.  From Instagram posts by the participants themselves, to fans sharing and voting for their favorite team, over 1.3 million people were exposed to 24DJS on Instagram.

Over 104,000 minutes viewed over two days’ worth of live streams. Viewers liked the streams…a lot, and over 500,000 people were reached organically.   This translated to a total of 25,000 reactions (likes), comments and shares on live streams. Social media statistics delivered via Keyhole.co and FaceBook.

The 2018 edition of 24Hours 24DJs will be even more exciting, as DJs from the 2018 edition of 24Hours 24DJs will be broadcast LIVE on VIBE105 and viewers will also be able to engage via Facebook Live stream.  The competition goes to air on Tuesday May 8th, starting at noon EST.

This year’s theme, Team 416 Versus Team Flight, will pit some of Toronto’s best DJs against DJs from across Canada and the world, in a friendly and entertaining competition.



24Hours 24DJs

2018 – The Battle Codes Edition

Team 416 Vs. Team Flight
Tuesday May 8th, starting at Noon EST

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