The 24Hours 24DJs Mix Relay Marathon is easily one of Toronto’s premiere events for DJing and DJ culture, and is the largest creative music broadcast in the country. Featuring a roster of 24 top tier DJs from across the country, each DJ has ONE (1) hour to create an exclusive mix showcasing their individual style and technique, live-to-air.

This friendly team competition is a platform where Canada’s most established DJs can demonstrate their versatility and sheer talent, while having the opportunity to engage with thousands of listeners via radio and online. Listeners have an opportunity to participate by utilizing various social media platforms to vote for their favourite DJ and/or mix. Due to the excitement surrounding what has been coined as the ‘Hottest 24 Hours on Radio’, this event consistently trends nationwide via online platforms and is on the radar of industry trendsetters, listeners, and fans alike. All mixes are done 100% LIVE and on-the-spot. No pre-recorded sets are permitted, leaving room for only the most skilled DJs in the country. Tune in on Tuesday May 9th starting at NOON to be a part of the excitement!

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