DJ Cam B + Walter Deans

DJ CAM B is a current Redbull Threestyle Champion. Hailing from Hamilton (and fresh off a flight from Krakow), he’s representing #TeamFlight . DJ Cam B is going to be kicking off the #24DJs marathon at NOON on Tuesday May 8th, alongside DJ partner WALTER DEANS. Get familiar with #BugginOut as they set the pace for Heat #1. As 1/2 of the dynamic duo #BugginOut , DJ Walter Deans is a turntable master. Also a producer, he is known for thrilling crowds with his unique style and selection. Walter Deans will be kicking off the 24DJs marathon alongside his DJ partner, DJ Cam B at noon on Tuesday May 9th, in a much-anticipated four turntable set up. Lock it in!