A 2011 Stylus Nominee and two-time Black Canadian Award DJ of the year nominee, Sean ‘Smartiez’ Crooks is in a class of his own. His humble beginnings on homemade turntables grounded him to strive for more and become the sensation he is today. Not satisfied as being labeled a “Club DJ”, Smartiez invested in his craft, researching modern genres in order to create fresh and new mixtapes. DJ Smartiez can be heard on the airwaves weekly on his show, The Essentials, and on the Friday edition of the #LateLunchMix on VIBE105. In addition to radio, Smartiez has really made a name for himself playing for some of music's most prolific artists including The Weeknd, Rihanna, Drake, Kes The Band, Skinny Fabolous and more and the man of Toronto himself, Drake. He’s even had the honor of being the opening DJ for Big Sean, and playing alongside the talents of Kes The Band, Skinny Fabulous, Kerwin DuBois and many more. Check out his set in Heat #1 on Tuesday May 8th at 1PM.